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WheelStand Pro Review 9/10

Posted: 27 Jun 2008 09:50
by Keyop
WheelStand Pro - G25 Model

RRP £99.00 -

The WheelStand Pro is small stand designed for you to use with a wide range of Steering Wheels and Pedals, for PC or Console Gaming, where space is at a premium.

What's in the Box?
Your box will contain the stand itself, any adapters/plates depending on the model ordered, such as an extra gearshift plate for our G25 Model tested. A spanner and two hex keys for adjustment of the unit, some tie-wraps for cable management, and a simple A4 laminated setup guide.

Setting Up the wheel and gearshift
The setup of this unit is very simple indeed. All aspects of the unit are adjustable, the vertical riser angle and length, the wheel angle, and the gearshift position. For the G25 model an additional plate is supplied that slots in as you mount the wheel to support the gearshift, this can be mounted to the left or right of the wheel. The wheel and gearshift are both fixed using their own clamps, though the gearshift lever has some additional spacers to fit as the clamps do not close right up on the plate on their own. It's a simple case of inserting the spacer on the underside of the clamp as you tighten it.

Setting up the pedals
Surprisingly the pedals are not fixed to the stand, they instead sit on top of movable rubber sliders on the base rails. I would think that some kind of locking mechanism for the pedals would be better. However, in use, the pedals are stable and have yet to move in several hours testing from where they are positioned initially, so they do the job well.

Two Tie-Wraps are supplied for you to use in managing your cables, but you will likely want a few more in order to keep the cables tidy. Cables can be easily fixed anywhere on the unit due to it's tubular design. A USB extension cable to use with the unit would be useful, so that you can keep all your cables tidy to one point on the unit, as it's likely your power lead and usb lead will be heading off in different directions, but this is really down to the individual locations of power points and wherever your wheel is plugging in to.

In use
There are six large rubber rings on the parts on the stand that make contact with the floor. These keep the unit in place on carpet or on wooden floor as we tested on both. As mentioned earlier the unit is very simple to adjust to any height and upright angle via the thumb lock adjusters, and will suit almost any chair that you want to play from. We've used it with a Sofa, Dining Chair and a Large office chair, and it took no longer than about 30 seconds to adjust between them.

Once setup and playing you will be very surprised at how sturdy this unit is. There is very little play in the upright arm meaning you won't have your wheel moving all over the place. There is a small amount of play at longer upright heights, but it doesn't distract or even notice when playing. At shorter lengths the small amount of play is reduced even further, and playing from a sofa of average height the unit exhibits very little movement at all even with strong force feedback.

To store away the unit with everything attached, you simply loosen one thumb adjuster and fold the upright arm down onto the pedals, then you you can put the unit in a corner or cupboard out of the way.

If you haven't got room for a racing seat type setup, this is certainly going to be your next best option. Once setup the position you can play in is similar to that of a racing seat, and is very comfortable. It may be a little on the expensive side, but the unit is very well built and very sturdy, as well as being a solid stable platform to play from.

9/10 A very well made solid and stable racing stand, the next best thing to a dedicated racing seat, and far easier to store away.

You can view full details and videos of the stand in action on the official website at:

Re: WheelStand Pro Review 9/10

Posted: 30 Jun 2008 11:15
by Keyop
A suggestion for users who want to fix their G25's pedal to the base.

The Pedal base has some M6 threads in it. If you purchase four M6 Bolts and some tie wraps, or even better the screw head fixable tie wraps, it's very easy to secure the pedals to the base.

I have heard from the manufacturer that they may soon be including these items or instructions for fixing the pedals this way.